You’re Worth the Right Choice

Have you ever felt like its coming at you from all sides?

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That is my life right now, be it work, classes, family, relationships, finances, moving… its all about to crush me into dust.

My aunt text me this morning telling me she loved me. Nothing weird… then she asks if I’d talked to my little sister (who just graduated high school last night.) Apparently, my mother had shown up at graduation higher than the empire state building (on pain pills), and effectively ruined the whole thing. I couldn’t be there because of work, and it being three hours away, but none the less I felt horrible for my sister.

All I could tell her was that our mother’s decisions are no reflection on us. That I loved her. That we are strong girls to have survived a childhood like we had. That we will always be there for each other, and our little brother (whose only 9) going through exactly what we did. She is not our responsibility–our only responsibility is to ourselves first and foremost. Everything else will have to fall inline because there is no way to help someone who wont help themselves.

I’ve told you before, I don’t have parents. I have a biological mother, yes, but she’s not fit to be responsible for herself… let alone the three other human beings she’s produced.

Sorry this one isn’t flashy, or funny. But its real. Drug abuse has been in my life since I was born, and its not going away any time soon. It makes the life a child harder in every single way possible, but if you are going through something similar: know you can make it, if you just don’t give up. Know you’re worth it, even if your family member chooses drugs over you. Because your life is worth living, especially when you make the right choices despite of all the wrong ones around you.

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Grade A College Girl

Blogging.  Oh gosh, here we go.

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Before I’d read any further, if I were you, I’d definitely want to know who the heck I am. Olive Garden addict. Resting-bitch-face wielder. How I Met Your Mother griever.  Book worm wannabe. So many things encompass Katie but first and foremost that apply to you is I am a college student blogging my life, thoughts, feelings, all for the next three weeks for your pleasant viewing.

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Now this is the person typing at you right now. Good ole’ Kentuckian Southern Belle. (sorta)

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 The things I love in life are pretty typical. (Sleep, Food, Game of Thrones, etc.) My issues are extensive. (Namely ex-boyfriends and an above average dysfunctional family.) My GPA is nursing battle wounds and for the life of me, my curls will not refrain from intense frizziness on a daily basis.

Shockingly I have very few friends.  (Buzzfeed often associates me with Mindy Kaling.)

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Now…  I wrote a list of like twenty something things to blog about in class today:

Being a college student, being a first generation college student, pinterest, how dating sucks and you should never ever start doing it, weekly quotes/foods/youtube videos. It has all been done before… but has it really been done by a brash college-aged female, gallivanting through the internet?

Yeah, probably.  But I’m your college-aged female gallivanting through the internet.

Before I leave you tonight, and because I’m a Word-Whore, I’ll leave you with these wise words of wisdom (and also, so these will see the light of day outside of my pinterest board):

Yep I like This One

That turned out to be less wisdom than I was expecting. (I was digging around in that bored for like a whole five minutes) So if you think you might pick me,  come see me tomorrow for more on “Katie’s Mind”.