I feel like poop, guys. Why does it seem that the flight to somewhere is always better than the flight back?

Take it black

(This is a reference to a movie in case you don’t get it…)

I feel like my head is waterlogged and I’m ready to pass out at any moment but first let me tell you about my first experience with my internship.

So the 27th was my first day at the store, then they had me flying out to Charlotte, NC. (Airlines are some of the biggest dip-shizz I’ve ever seen with their whole liquids restrictions. REALLY, a girl with long, CURLY hair like mine requires many a product to maintain.)

Long hair

Me in Charlotte!

There was two other girls that flew with me, and as well as my district manager. Let me say, he absolutely scares the hell out of me. His personality, his appearance, his voice, everything about him makes me feel like if he ever yelled at me, I would break down then and there–probably run away, never to be seen again.


The girls were okay, except for one… I took some pretty mean snap chats of her, but because she’s a fellow student I wont post them. :\ Though I really wish I could…

not even sorry

Anyway, the trip was almost a waste of time. I barely had a free moment to myself, and they had us on the evening flight out the next day. I’m still excited to be with the company, but this headache from going-going-going better be worth the $14.50/hour pay, let me tell ya.

I'm poor gif

Oh and I still feel like my heart is going to die in chest, so I have that going for me. Yay. Good night everyone! SLEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

Quote of the Day:

Worth it