I’m like the female Harry Potter… only much less cool.

So here comes another glimmer in my life, everyone.

who am I

If someone asks me who my mom is, or who my dad is, I can give them a name or two. Technically, being adopted, I have two sets of “parents,” really. But if someone asks me, in the correct context, “tell me who your parents are,” I would tell them I haven’t got any. Drugs and bad life-decisions took my parents from me.


Sorry if that’s a bit awkward.

My family forced my mother to give custody to my paternal great-grandmother right around the time I started kindergarten. She was almost completely nonfunctional, living in a bad apartment complex, that was known for murders and druggies. It’s surprising that my little sister and I are still alive since would often “sneak out” and go play on the complex’s playground, completely unsupervised while my mother slept until 1 o’clock in the afternoon. To boot, she was dating one of the biggest drug-ring leaders in the city, who is now in jail for cutting the throat of a man who was trying to save a girl he was savagely beating in a parking lot. Oh, and Dad was MIA.


When I was given over to my dad’s grandmother, they told me my mom had gone on vacation. It was confusing, but otherwise I can’t remember most of that time other than a few snippets here and there. I was then raised by an emotionally stunted witch of a woman for 15 years, who at some point “adopted me” so she would get a check each month. She spent it mostly on QVC.

JT stare

After moving out when I was 17, I had already gotten my full-ride scholarship to the University of Louisville and was biding my time until I could head off to college, three hours away from the woman who had made my life a living hell for most of my growing-up years. The hardest thing to leave behind was my cat I’d gotten when I was nine: Ittybitty. 😦 He passed away last year, before I got to say goodbye.


My mother has been in out of rehab/jail for most of my life, and the woman that “raised” me passed away also, earlier this year. My father, on the other hand, is currently a 40-something year old living with his mother, and is of no importance to my life–and hasn’t been since probably the 5th grade.

All that being said…

I don't work right



Quote of the Day:



I couldn’t help what I was born into, only my own decisions & I chose my happiness to be of the utmost importance.