Doctor Who? More like Doctor Boo.

My apologies for that awful title.

So, as I’ve hinted in my previous entries, I get wrapped up in several shows. (current tops are Game of Thrones, Reign, and Once Upon a Time.) But it just sucks when your best friends are completely immersed in a series that you have zero to little interest in. Doctor Who has been my friend Jesi’s obsession for the last semester. Seriously, I can’t even get on my pinterest feed with out it clogging up every page.


If you are not well versed on this crazed-series, let me give you a quick run down: This alien can time travel in a “space ship”, generally has a “companion”, and goes about in time just stopping when ever something “weird” is up. (Quotation over kill, I know.)

air quotes

So I have episode 9 (I think) on as I write this. My classmates/group partners are also “Whovians” in that they are pressuring me to just make it through this two-part episode for me to see the light… This is my third time restarting the episode because I can’t pay attention.

slow blink

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be crazed-obsessed with it. I love finding a new show to binge on when times get tough–I need the distraction. This should be perfect for me. But… I don’t know, something about the horrible 2005 acting is just sad. (Lets get real: it’s British 2005 television which makes it America in 1990.)

house gif

I’ll keep you posted, restart this thing over for the fourth time and see where it leads. Fingers crossed!

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