Death to Shaving and Dating

Hades Blow Up

Oooooh-ho-ho-ho, are you guys in for a treat. Not.

First and foremost, can I say I’ve added waging a war on Baby Oil Gel to my bucket list ?

Pinterest LIED to me. That crap about it being good for shaving is bull. Do not buy into it. Yes my legs are the softest they’ve been since pre-puberty but it murdered my razor AND I felt like I’d never been free of the greasy-oily feeling on my hands– and basically entire body. I felt like I was laced in petroleum, and just–NO guys, NO. It was traumatizing and infuriating all in one. (Speaking of shaving legs, check out this blog that will truly explain to you the horrors of lady-shaving in general.)

The exact brand and scent of the culprit that ruined my shower.

The exact brand and scent of the culprit that ruined my shower.

Secondly, dating multiple guys sucks. Its so much easier either being completely single, or dating someone monogamously. When you’re dating one-on-one, hey you don’t like him? Dump him. Get over it. But dating a few guys in non-committed style is like event planning. No one does what they’re supposed to and no ones happy. Right now I’m juggling my Thursday night and weekend, trying to coordinate outfits with dates so they’re not dirty for when I really want to wear it, and trying to figure out when I’m going to do my makeup between work and class and bleck. Just bleck.

Oh and might I mention its these dates as to why I even tried out the baby oil gel shaving method? Its all connected in a spiraling death trap. Dating and shaving = my enemies of the night.


(Sorry for my “first world probs” moment, guys.)

Here’s what I know you’ve been waiting for. Daily quotes.

Lonely Quote

I picked this to remind you, and myself, being lonely doesn’t mean being alone. Choose the company you keep wisely, and also know that you are the greatest thing that will ever happen to you and treat yourself accordingly.

Have a wonderful night folks. And don’t buy Johnson products.


Grade A College Girl

Blogging.  Oh gosh, here we go.

Exasperated emma

I’ll figure out how to put gifs in this thing later… Got it!

Before I’d read any further, if I were you, I’d definitely want to know who the heck I am. Olive Garden addict. Resting-bitch-face wielder. How I Met Your Mother griever.  Book worm wannabe. So many things encompass Katie but first and foremost that apply to you is I am a college student blogging my life, thoughts, feelings, all for the next three weeks for your pleasant viewing.

HP Party

Now this is the person typing at you right now. Good ole’ Kentuckian Southern Belle. (sorta)

Blog Pic

 The things I love in life are pretty typical. (Sleep, Food, Game of Thrones, etc.) My issues are extensive. (Namely ex-boyfriends and an above average dysfunctional family.) My GPA is nursing battle wounds and for the life of me, my curls will not refrain from intense frizziness on a daily basis.

Shockingly I have very few friends.  (Buzzfeed often associates me with Mindy Kaling.)

Mindy Role Model

Now…  I wrote a list of like twenty something things to blog about in class today:

Being a college student, being a first generation college student, pinterest, how dating sucks and you should never ever start doing it, weekly quotes/foods/youtube videos. It has all been done before… but has it really been done by a brash college-aged female, gallivanting through the internet?

Yeah, probably.  But I’m your college-aged female gallivanting through the internet.

Before I leave you tonight, and because I’m a Word-Whore, I’ll leave you with these wise words of wisdom (and also, so these will see the light of day outside of my pinterest board):

Yep I like This One

That turned out to be less wisdom than I was expecting. (I was digging around in that bored for like a whole five minutes) So if you think you might pick me,  come see me tomorrow for more on “Katie’s Mind”.