Ick. Just…ick.

Dating is overrated, guys.


So I had a lot plans last night. I was going to get off work (an hour early) to get ready for a date. Then after that date, I had an ex boyfriend that I agreed could spend a few days at my apartment seeing as his flight leaves out of here on Sunday for his first big boy job.

Well my intentions were to have a blast on my date, then come back and probably fight with my ex. (He and I don’t see eye to eye on much.) Neither of that happened, though, surprisingly. Instead I was effectively “stood up” by my date.

Frown gif

He claims his phone wasn’t working and that he was outside my apartment’s building for an hour waiting on me. While that is possible, there were many other smart options than just sitting around thinking I’d wander out. (Go find internet and facebook message me, for one. Its really not that difficult to find internet near a college campus.) Note that we hadn’t spoken at all that day, instead discussing the time and place the night before. To his credit–we’ve been out a couple times. If you stand a girl up, I’d think you’d do it the first time. Not the third.

shaking head gif

Feeling pretty dejected, but still looking smoking hot for a date, I decide to get lo mein for one and wait until my ex showed up. There soon after he arrives, and while awkward at first, becomes normal and comfortable. I was surprised. We spend a couple hours just talking, end up watching something on hulu, sharing my, by then cold, lo mein. He still slept on the couch. But still, no fights as of yet. (I’m not ruling out tonight though.)

neighbors 2

We have plans, after I get off work, to go get Wick’s pizza and check out the new movie the Neighbors. I have to say I’m really excited for it… Crossing my fingers it doesn’t turn sour. Wish me luck, guys! And have a great evening yourselves!

Quote of the day:

bad decisions

*Probably appropriate for today’s blog.